Hi! I'm Karen.

I write humorous, light YA sci-fi.

When I'm not writing or reading, I'm taking care of my two young sons, the Pea and Boo, or hanging out with Hubbykins. Or dreaming about Disney World. Man, I love that place.

Tiny claims to fame:
I started kindergarten at the age of four.
I was the third grade spelling champion of my elementary school.
And the fifth grade.
In sixth, I misspelled "calendar" in the first round. It was all downhill after that.
My older sister dated Jennifer Garner's cousin.
I'm a huge Star Trek TNG fan. At one point, I could tell you the episode's plot and name the season in the first 3 minutes of viewing. I'm a little rusty now.
Our high school didn't have a prom queen. If they did, I would have been firmly not in the running. See reason above. And below.
I taught archery for two summers at camp. And yet am horrible at it. But I know how to fletch an arrow. Just sayin'. Katniss and me...bff.
I won my inaugural SCBWI membership by summing up the book Corduroy with four words: "Obsessive bear seeks closure." I still laugh when I read it. 
My oldest child was one ounce shy of ten pounds when he was born.

I love writing. I love reading. I love readers. I'm glad you're here.

Photo by Jonna Nixon/Red House Photography