Happy Hoverboard Day!

For those of you who don't have it written in your planner like me, today is the day that Marty McFly arrived at thirty years in the future in Back To The Future 2. You know what that means. Hoverboards for everyone!

I know. Science has failed us.

Today is also Loop's first birthday! Coincidence? Yes. But a ridiculously amazing one. (Plus, hoverboards have a cameo in Twist because THEY ARE GOING TO HAPPEN.)

This year has been a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. One of the highest points has been meeting so many incredible YA authors along the way. 

For any of you who have read Loop and Twist, you know that my main character has some serious issues with her future self. Future Bree is a bit of a bossypants. In a good way.

So to celebrate Loop's anniversary, I asked some of my YA Author friends what advice they would give their past selves at the age of sixteen. And to further up the awesome factor, they each sent pics of themselves at that age. 

I actually dig this sweater.

This is Maurene's actual student i.d., which....love.


Mindy had her mom find her *actual* Glamour Shot. <3

I really want Rachel's Blossom hat.

And...because you know that I wasn't about to skip the chance to release my junior class picture into the world...
I kid you not. That spiral perm went SIX MORE INCHES.

(FYI, if you click on the pics above, it will take you to the author's web page. I *highly* suggest checking out their books if you haven't already.)