Season's Readings Giveaway

Want to win ***FIFTEEN*** fabulous signed Young Adult Books?

Of course you do. 

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It's super easy, and you can win ALL the books on this pic from...

Renée Ahdieh
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Chandler Baker
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Liz Coley
Christina Farley
I.W. Gregorio
Kristin Halbrook
Andrea Hannah
Jamie Kain
Beth Revis

Holiday shopping? Done.

Books Make The Best Gifts

This Christmas, I am pledging to give books as gifts. (And not just LOOP, although it would make an awesome gift, if I do say so myself.) I'm hard-pressed to think of a Christmas when I didn't buy at least one book as a gift, but this year, I'm going to be even more intentional about it. And so I give you....

The Top 5 Reasons Books Make The Best Gifts
1. Easy to wrap. Seriously. If you can't wrap a rectangle, you probably need to stay away from the roll of paper, period.

2. For the same or less than the cost of a movie, you get a story that lasts a lot longer. Potentially, your whole life.

3. You're supporting writers. Who have put thousands of hours into that book. And who are awesome. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

4. No one's worldview was ever changed forever by underwear.

5. You're not just giving a book. You're giving a whole world.

What book are you hoping to find under the tree this year?