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Hey! Just a quick note that Amber at Me, My Shelf, and I is organizing LOOP's Release Day Celebration. If you'd like to be a part of it, just click on the banner below. :)

Why I Write

First of all, let me just say...WOOOOOTY HOOOO!!!

It's now less than a month (almost three weeks!) from LOOP's birthday (10/21/14!!), and I am so excited.

Also busy.

Was maybe not fully prepared for the degree of busy. There have been giveaways to organize and share (This one on Goodreads for a signed ARC is open until the day before LOOP's release date. And this one from my publisher is open until September 29th.)

The first two chapters of LOOP are up exclusively at You can go read them now!

My quest to shower awesome librarians with love, appreciation, and bookmarks has been so much fun.

I have interviews set up that I'm working on (and very excited about), a Blog Tour that's in the works, and other fun behind-the-scenes stuff that's percolating.

All good stuff. All amazing stuff. But it's still a big change for me. 

That's when I stop, take a deep breath, and remember why I chose to pursue this dream of writing. I'm brought back to this....

I love books.

I love to read them. I love to smell them. I love the way the pages feel in my hands and the way the stories transport me to other worlds. I love the way my e-reader fits in my purse and turns itself off at night when I fall asleep reading. I love that there are book characters out there that feel like true friends. I love readers of books. I love writers of books. I love that they are my tribe.

I. Love. Books.

And that is why I write them.

Want to Win An Advance Copy of LOOP?

My publisher, St. Martin's Press is giving away twenty (TWENTY!!!) advance reader copies of LOOP! 

I know.

All you need to do is go fill out an entry form. So easy!

And good luck!!

I Want To Send You* Free Stuff!

* if you're a librarian.

Even as I type this, bookmarks and tattoos and other fun swag items are headed my direction. If you're a librarian, I want to send you some! No strings attached.

Just fill out the form below. Public and school librarians are both welcome.

You can read more about LOOP here. It's a twisty and fun YA time travel story.

Also, check out reviews from School Library Journal, Kirkus, and Publisher's Weekly.

Thanks, and I hope you and your readers enjoy LOOP!

LOOP The World in 50 Days

Hey, there!

It is officially 50 days until LOOP hits the shelves. (I know. Kind of hyperventilating a little here.)

To celebrate, Hubbykins and I have a little friendly wager going. I bet him that I could get this picture to travel to all 50 states and 25 different countries by LOOP's release date, October 21st.

The winner of said wager gets to pick which charity we donate $500 to. I chose Doctors Without Borders. The reason for this is because I modeled one of my characters off of a DWB volunteer worker. He travels anywhere in the world where he's needed to provide medical care. Well, and he's a time traveler, so "anywhere" might include 1863.

The loser of said wager gets to rise and shine bright and early with the Pea and Boo every Saturday morning for a month. :)

Clearly, I need to win this bet.

You can track my progress here:

Make yours @
Make yours @
Make yours @
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