Librarian ARC Tour for LOOP

First, what's an ARC? It's an Advanced Reader Copy (also called a "galley" in the publishing world). It's not the final hardcover version of LOOP, which will be released October 21, 2014. Rather, it's a paperback early version which will have some typos, mistakes, and small changes because it hasn't been through the final proofreading stages. Only a small number of ARCs are printed, and it's usually a single print run.
Sorry. The lighting is terrible.

What does this mean? Unfortunately, it means that there are very few copies of LOOP's ARCs available. Most of them are already committed to various promotional efforts.

Seriously, I'm feeling a little like this guy:

I hate it. I wish everyone could read it right now.
But, of course, that's not feasible.
And let's be honest, I'm also kind of like...
Sorry. I mean...
But back to my conundrum. How to get LOOP into the hands of as many readers as possible? That's when I had the idea for an ARC Tour. 

This is how it will work:

If you are a public or school librarian, I would love to send you a copy of LOOP's ARC. You will have the chance to read it and then pass it on to the next person in the ARC Tour.

All you need to do is fill out the form below.

Please read LOOP as quickly as possible and then send it on to the next person. The more quickly you read it, the more people will be able to participate. This is going to be strictly first come, first served. If you realize you won't be able to read it within seven days, please send it along to the next person.

I'm not a librarian. Is there any other way I can receive an ARC? LOOP is uploaded to NetGalley. My publisher makes all decisions regarding request approval. You can also enter my Goodreads giveaway to win a signed ARC. 

Is there a cost to participate in LOOP's ARC Tour? Nope. I will be enclosing pre-paid postage and mailing labels to send the ARC along to the next person. If you would like to help out with the cost of postage, you can note that when you fill out the form. I will be able to budget a certain amount of money for shipping, so the more people who volunteer to help with the postage, again, the more participants I'll be able to include, but it's strictly voluntary.

Am I guaranteed a slot on the tour? Unfortunately, I can't make that promise since I don't know how many people will sign up. Also...see above regarding postage. So sign up as quickly as possible for the greatest chance of getting to read it!

Are there any other requirements? No. Just read the book and pass it along. 

Really? No other requirements? Really. I'm a debut author, and my main goal is to get the word out about LOOP to readers, especially teens. Would I love for you to tell your patrons and students about LOOP? Yes. Is it a requirement? No.

Anything else I can do to help spread the word about LOOP? Well, thank you for asking. One of the best ways to help others discover LOOP is to post an honest, thoughtful review on GoodreadsAmazonBarnes and Noble, and/or LibraryThing's websites. Not required, but it would be super-dee-duper appreciated. (Note: You can't post a review on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles until after the publication date.)

And, of course, the number one thing you can do to help spread the word is suggest it to a reader.

I have a question you didn't answer. How do I contact you? Feel free to e-mail me at karen.d.akins (a) gmail (dot) com.

Again, this will be first come, first served so sign up now! 

About LOOP:
A time travel student accidentally brings a boy from the past into the 23rd century, only to discover he’s already in love with her future self and is keeping his own set of secrets. 

On a final note, this is the first time I've attempted anything like this, so please be patient with me. <3

Cover Reveal for More Than Music

Y'all! I'm so excited to be a part of the cover reveal for my friend (and awesome writer) Elizabeth Briggs' new adult romance More Than Music that's coming out June 17th!!

First the synopsis then drumroll....the reveal!!:

Music major Maddie Taylor seems to have her life all figured out. She’s just finished her junior year of college, has a summer internship lined up with the LA Philharmonic, and plans to go to grad school to write movie scores. Only her roommates know she practices guitar every night and secretly dreams of a louder life. But geeky girls like her don’t get to be rock stars.

Tattooed singer Jared Cross has a new girl every week, but when he catches Maddie playing one of his songs, she attracts his attention in an unexpected way. His band needs a fourth member for The Sound, a reality TV show competition—and he wants her. Though Maddie refuses to be another notch on Jared’s bedpost, she agrees to risk everything for the chance to be a rock star.

Once on the show, Maddie discovers there’s more to Jared behind his flirty smile, and with each performance their attraction becomes impossible to ignore. When the show pressures Jared to flaunt his player image, they’re forced to keep their relationship secret, but Maddie can’t help but want something real.

As the competition heats up, Jared will do whatever it takes for his band to win, and Maddie must decide if following her dream is worth losing her heart.

Really rock-n-roll drumroll please!!!






AHHHH!!! The pretties!!!!!!

I've actually already had a chance to read an advanced copy, and whew, it is so good. (And kind of face-fanningly smoldering, so not for the younger readers. It is NA, after all.) And did I mention gooooood?

Elizabeth Briggs is a full-time geek who writes books for teens and adults. She plays the guitar, mentors at-risk teens, and volunteers with a dog rescue group. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a pack of small, fluffy dogs.

She's pretty, too.

You can add it to Goodreads here. And you can learn more about Elizabeth Briggs and see pictures of her pack of small, fluffy dogs here.