Quick LOOP Update

Not much going on here. I'll spice up this post with gif's. Who doesn't love gif's??

I am deep in the writing cave working on LOOP 2. It actually has a title now, but I'm not allowed to share it yet. But. I love the sequel title. Like...really love it.

Of course, when the marketing team brought it up, I wanted to play it cool, so I was like:

But inside, I was like:

And then, of course, there's my cover.

My cover.

I don't even have words. It is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S-S-S.

That's right. A Three "s" gorgeousss.

Ahh, heck. Let's toss another on there for good measure.

It's gorgeoussss.

And super-secret for just a little bit longer. But needless to say, every time I open the file to look at it (which is daily), I'm all...

And you will be, too. In time, my little doves.