On Coffee Cups and Copy Edits

I finished copy edits for LOOP last week. It's getting real, peeps. Funny how hard it was to Fed Ex that manuscript to my editor when I was done. I'm in the thick of writing Book 2 right now, and finalizing LOOP seems so...final. It probably wouldn't be as big a deal if the book weren't time travel. Those details pop back up.

Speaking of popping back up, Boo has started sleeping through the night this week. I wish I could say I feel like a new woman, but I've stayed up too late to fully enjoy the benefits. (Dang you, Sherlock!)

Which brings me to coffee.

I've become a little obsessed with my Keurig.

Fine. A lot obsessed with it.

I made it through undergrad, grad school, crazy long work hours, having a baby, writing a time travel novel, querying and subbing said novel, and various stressful whatnots along the way without becoming a daily coffee drinker.

Baby #2 broke me.

I flip that Keurig on the moment I wake up. I have a dedicated coffee drawer. And cabinet. I seriously considered thanking coffee in my Acknowledgements.

I. Love. Coffee.

In theory, now that Boo is sleeping through the night, I can and should cut down.

Not gonna happen.

(Oh, and this post was not sponsored by Keurig. Sigh. A girl can dream.)