Show Me Your LOOP!

Hey there, LOOPers (oh, wait, that's been taken). Hey there, LOOPies (nope). Hey there, LOOP readers! I am so excited that LOOP is out in the world now (and it's getting around).

It's relaxing at the beach.

Hanging out with Olaf. As one does.

Just chilling in Boo's mouth.

Paying homage to one of its favorite time travel movies Somewhere in Time on Mackinac Island, MI.

So. Want to win a signed & numbered, limited-edition bookplate? Well, the time-traveling Shifters in the book can pop up anywhere in any time. And now so can LOOP! So just post a picture somewhere on the internet (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook) with the hashtag #LOOParoundtheworld with your copy of LOOP, then come and fill out the form below. It can be somewhere fun, somewhere silly, somewhere exciting or famous or everyday. There are only 250 bookplates, so SHOW ME YOUR LOOP to get one!

(Ironically, due to postage costs, I have to keep this open to US residents only. I know. BOO, International postage rates! But I'd still love to see your pics in other countries! I just unfortunately can't mail a bookplate to you.)


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  2. I have just completed the form. When can I get the limited-edition bookplate?
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