LOOP's Cover--My Mom's Take

When I first saw the cover for LOOP, the first words out of my mouth were, "It's gorgeous!" And now that I've had some time to ponder it, my thoughts are.... It's gorgeous!

My second thought was, "Oh, my. That's pretty hot." LOOP is a romantic book. But it's not a "romance" per se. 

My mom (who hasn't read it yet) summed it up well after she first saw it:

I mean, come on. It's about a time traveler who finds out a boy from the past is already in love with her future self. You know there's going to be some snogging shenanigans.

But also...lightsabers!

My third thought was, "I wonder where I can get that t-shirt." (And I've gotten that question from a lot of other people, too.)

All right, one more look, and then I'll stop swooning for the day.


  1. Great looking cover!! And I love that line from "The Princess Bride" :).
    Ninja Girl

    1. I looooooove "The Princess Bride."

      And thanks!