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A LOT of books?

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Okay, I made that last word up.

An Open Letter To My Baby

Dearest, Sweetest, Loveykins,

Kindly look up at the top of this blog and read what it says. That's right! Novels During Naptime. (Mommy loves you, you little 6.5 month-old genius.) Now, let's say that again. Novels During Naptime. That nap is actually a key factor in this equation.

Let's even get a little more specific. By "nap," I mean a chunk of time in which you are asleep, say an hour or so. Conversely, I do NOT mean dozing off for twenty minutes, waking up and chatting to yourself for five minutes while you poop, and then screaming your head off.

That does not work for me. And it really doesn't work for me on a deadline.

Your very tired Mommy