A Pregnant Pause

This would be the blog post in which I acknowledge the fact that this here blog has been a giant echo chamber for about a year...or so. I've been planning this "The Return of Karen" post for months. Months, I tell you. With words! But then I was kind of "meh...why use words when you can use gif's?"

And all will be forgiven when I present you with the adorable reason for the long hiatus. I promise. (Because of the adorableness.)

So last we left things, I had gotten a book deal. For three months straight after said book deal, I was pretty much doing this. All the time:

Then I found out when my Book 2 deadline was, and...

Yes, I was a little bit freaked out, but I had my outline. I plowed through the first draft. And our only child, The Pea was about to start preschool three days a week. Everything was hunky dory.

Then I got my editorial letter. And here's the complication about revising time travel (a complication that my editor readily acknowledged, for which I was thankful): Say you've written a book about time-traveling raccoons (I have not, but just typing those words, I'm convinced that somebody should). If you decide to change the ending to said book, it means that those changes will have BIG ripple effects throughout the whole story. Those raccoons might never have been born. Or suddenly they've killed their grandfather. Or whatever.

And sometimes those big ripple effects mean that you will have to rethink huge elements of your plot and toss an entire first draft of Book 2 in the trash can.

But after brainstorming with my editor, I calmed down. Well, kind of.

I had a good direction. I was feeling good. Eating right. Getting enough sleep.

(This is the point that I should interject a little bit of personal history. We had a hard time getting preggers with The Pea. The whole process was doctor-ific. We decided we were done with the doctor-ific route after trying to have Baby #2 unsuccessfully. Doctor McEncouragement gave us a 2% chance of me ever getting pregnant on my own. Okay, back to the story....)

So later that week, after what had been a really crazy month, I realized, "No...wait. More than a month."

Yep. I was officially growing a new human being.

So those three days a week that I was going to be writing and rewriting feverishly were suddenly...




Lots of unnecessary crying.

Just general emotional upheaval and blechiness for the first 16 weeks.

Basically, I had four functioning brain cells, and every time I tried to task them with writing and/or revising, they went...

Thankfully, I had an amazingly supportive, understanding, awesome editor. Fast forward a few difficult months, and I was almost done with my revisions! It was such a stronger story!

That's when I got an e-mail from my agent that started with, "Okay, before you cry and/or freak out..." 

So of course...

My editor was moving out of the country, which meant a delay in the release. 

(This is specifically for Editor #1 who is still awesomesauce.)

After the initial "wah," I realized that the delay would give me the chance to enjoy my new baby and the book release more. I was...

  Still a little worried. But once I met my new editor, I was...

I. Love. Her.

Now, where were we? Ahh, yes.

Had that baby.

Warning: Ridiculous amounts of cute ahead. Brace yourselves for the cute that is Boo.

That pretty much catches us up to the present.

So what am I up to now, you ask? Well, I'm finishing up initial revisions on Book 2, cuddling Boo and the Pea, waiting for copy edits on Book 1,  getting settled into our new home (Oh, yeah, bought a house in there, too),  not much sleeping, very much squeeing over cover plans and blurbs and the whole process.

Doing a lot of one-handed typing, basically.

I apologize if you prefer to read books and pretend that herds of trained kittens delivered the manuscript directly to the author's laptop. Alas, 'twas not the case for me. LOOP has had a twisty road, but I wouldn't change one step. 

Enough about me. How have you been?