And The Winner Is...

First off, I'm so sorry that this took me longer to post the winner than it should have. Like, much longer. BUT the Pea helped me pick a winner for This Is W.A.R. by Lisa and Laura Roecker, and that winner is...

Yay! Tosses confetti! Vacuums it up! Tosses some more!

If I don't hear back from you within 3 days, I'll select another winner.

I have around 17 blog posts swirling around in my head right now. Guess how many I've written? That's right. Zippo. I've been drowning in revisions (I have a post planned for that!) and non-sleeping babies (Well, just one baby, but I have a post for that, too).

Speaking of. Squirtlet is up from his nap. His crappy 30 minute nap. Time to finish up those revisions one-handed.