I've Always Tried to Keep Politics Off This Blog...

But after last night, I feel I have no choice but to throw my full support and endorsement behind a candidate.
Seriously. Am I the only one who wishes we could somehow clone this fictional character into a real person and make her run for office?

New York, New York

I'm going to be honest. I have a bit of a mixed history with the city itself. It pretty much spanked my heiny on St. Patrick's Day 2007. Then, it perked up later that year.

Well, I'm giving it another go. All for the sake of an insane amount of awesomeness squeezed into one event, specifically the SCBWI New York Conference this weekend. 

Anyone else coming?

In Which I Rant Just a Smidge

I've been thinking a lot about love triangles, specifically, those done right. And those done...in such a way as to bug the crap out of me.

First of all, if anyone is watching Downton Abbey which you should be, you are aware of what a love triangle done right looks like. It's Anna and Bates and THAT EVIL SHREW OF A GOLD DIGGER WIFE. It's Mary and Matthew and THAT (POSSIBLY EVIL) SHREW OF A GOLD DIGGER FIANCEE. To be fair, that situation seems to be setting itself up as a quadrangle. Even. Better.

Not that I'm saying that all love triangles need to have an obvious made-for-each-other couple and a third person that gets in the way of their happiness (although that's a great recipe for conflict). I just hate the love triangle formula of "perfect girl is forced to choose between two perfect guys and, oh my gosh, this is so hard." And those two guys are 1.) the socially acceptable leader in the making who fails to embrace his passionate side and 2.) the less socially acceptable bad-boy who she just can't stay away from. And then they fight over her. And then she chooses the bad-boy. Unless they're both bad boys, in which case, she chooses the one who's older.

Here's the deal.

I made it through high school. I've been a part of love triangles. Without fail, only one side of that triangle involved a y-chromosome. And there's a reason for that. If two guys were involved, it would look a little something like this:
Guy 1: Hey, man, how ya doing?

Guy 2: Good.

Guy 1: So that Bella chick...she's pretty hot.

Guy 2: Ummm, yeah, I was actually about to ask her out.

Guy 1: Oh...hey. No harm, no foul. (((goes off to fursplode and imprint on her baby)))
*I have nothing against Twilight. I just needed an example.

Now, I know what you're thinking. And you're right. Fiction isn't necessarily about something being realistic. If we wanted all our reading to be utterly realistic and believable, we'd spend our time reading appliance manuals. No, a lot of great fiction is about wish-fulfillment. But at the same time, it needs to ring true.

That doesn't mean that there needs to be a clearly right pair and a clearly wrong pair. Because, again, ringing true, life doesn't work that way. One of the best recent love triangles in YA is Katniss-Peeta-Gale. The thing I loved about it is there really wasn't much interaction between Peeta and Gale (again, ringing true to life.) There was no good choice and bad choice. It was just a choice.

And then the other mark of a good love triangle, I believed that Katniss believed that there were compelling reasons for her to end up with either one of them. And she really could have. Notice the important part for me was not which team I thought she should be on but that Katniss had good reasons to be on both teams. I had the joy of watching from the sidelines as my sister read the books for the first time, and she e-mailed me every few chapters to wail about which one she should end up with. She flip-flopped as many times as Katniss.

Note: I realize that not every love triangle will have a tug-of-heart going on. The Downton Abbey example above, there's no viewer doubt whatsoever who should end up together. BUT, the compelling reason rule still needs to apply. Bates has a compelling reason to end up with Anna (they're in lurvvvv) and his wife (to protect the Crawley family as well as Anna from disgrace). I have no idea why Matthew's with that hussy, though. Well, I guess to save face while Mary gets her emotional act together.Seriously. If you are not watching Downton Abbey, why not?

I'm curious. What are your favorite literary love triangles?

Why I Love Hubbykins

I was reading a YA book starring mermaids because they are awesome the other night, and Hubbykins came up with the idea for me to write a book about vampire mermaids.

He even went so far as to write the first few lines for me:

"I needs me some blood.  Need it now.  Kinda stinks that I don't have legs.  Sigh.  Off to see my hot boyfriend play squishball in the state finals.  I hate it when they get beat by the Neptunes....OR DO I???"

The main character's name will be Dracuriel. Feel free to join Team Hot Boyfriend or Team Neptune Bad Boy now.

Happy 2012!

I would like to make a bold claim that I am going to be a more frequent blogger. But I can't. As my sweet friend Kristin recently said, "I don't want to be a blogger. I want to be an author. Who blogs, occasionally."

But I still love to share the things that amuse and inspire and encourage and excite me here. So don't go too far away. You never know when I'm going to throw something like this at you.