The World's Latest LA 2012 SCBWI Summer Conference Post

Yeah. Just now getting around to it. There are no words for how busy life has been lately. And nothing dramatic. Just. Life. To top it all off, I just caught a cold from the Pea. Insert whiny sounds here.

But it really would be a crying shame to not share some of the smart juice that got squeezed out of the SCBWI speakers' mind-grapes. A cookie for any of my readers who can identify the origin of that reference. 

And so I give you Karen's Top 7 SCBWI Words of Wisdom (I honestly just put a ___ there and will go back and fill in the number later):

Only kill off characters that people care about. - Sara Shepard

Be curious. Be aware. Be open. - Karen Cushman

Don't ever give the reader a good stopping point. - Jay Asher

Having no book trailer is better than having a bad book trailer. - Sara Wilson Etienne

Tell the truth. - Karen Cushman

If you don't write to entertain yourself, you won't entertain anyone else. - Lee Wardlaw

**Everything that came out of her mouth** - Ruta Supetys (Seriously, every time the woman got up to speak, little truth nuggets flung out of her lips and rained down over the audience.)

For me, the biggest value of the conference was getting to spend time with writer friends, new and old. I love that feeling of meeting people face-to-face for the first time who I've only ever known online and not hesitating for one millisecond to throw my arms around them in a big hug. I'm looking at you, Morgan and Stacey!

It's an amazing feeling to be surrounded by over a thousand people who get you.


  1. Oh my gosh... Karen, YOU'RE so amazing. You're like, an old friend I've known for years! I just want to talk "writer's talk" all day while eating Gluten-free cookies! I miss you!

    And I *loved* the top seven words of wisdom. I'm still kicking myself for missing Jay Asher...

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    1. I am very inspired by your words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great quotes! You're so right about Ruta--she was absolutely amazing!!!

    Kind of hard jumping back into "real" life after such an awesome weekend. Good luck! Hope you're feeling better soon! : )