Hey, I Think I Used To Know a Girl Named Karen Akins

It's been a crazy, crazy month. First, we went on a little road trip to Hotlanta. Very fun. Very hot. I think I may have already mentioned it, but I'm too lazy to go check. Next, the Pea had his adenoids out. As far as surgeries go, not too bad. Apparently, one of the side effects is bad dragon-flame-inducing breath. Cram three weeks of swim lessons into the nooks and crannies of said month, and that was pretty much my July.

Also. Got my author pics taken, and I can't wait to share them with you. Jonna Nixon of Red House Photography took them. She's a friend from high school, and our kiddos are right around the same age, and I just adore her. If you want a sneak preview, you can go check out her website here. I'm so indecisive, though. She's taken shots of the Pea before, and I literally beat my head against a wall trying to choose between the different shots. I think I'll put it up for a vote.

Oh, and I got a killer computer virus in there to boot. No, really. My computer was dead. But Collin Allen of UrbanLAN brought it back from the dead. (If you're from the NWA area, I can't recommend him enough. He was incredible in how quickly and completely he cured my sick little laptop.) Apparently, it was a root something virus that is really, really, really bad.

But now it's all better and I want to talk about happier things. Like LA SCBWI. I'll be there. I am ridiculously excited to see old friends and  meet new ones and learn and be inspired and, well, it's kind of like Writer Geek Camp.

Anybody else going?


  1. Ooohhh pictures! Yay! Being a photographer it makes sense, but I love seeing author photos!! :) The one she put up is lovely! can't wait to see more. I would love to go to SCBWI, but it's not in the cards for me. Some day!

  2. That picture is fabulous! And woohoo, so excited to see you this weekend!! :D

  3. WooHoo!!! :) Thanks for the nice shout out! I adore you, too! And I like to make your decision hard. That means I succeeded. :)