There and Back Again

Hoo boy. I've been in Hotlanta for the past week visiting Hubbykins' family. It was fun. It was hot. There were sparklers and sprinklers. What's not to love? But I'm glad to be home.

I don't have much on the news front to share. I'm drafting, which is fun. Especially fun as I'm digging back into my novel's world for the first time in months and with a fresh story. Fun! (Don't worry though, I'm coming up with deviously delightful ways to torture my characters anew.)

In the meantime, if you missed it like I did in my travel cave, check out this awesomesauce interview/conversation between kt literary agent Kate Schafer Testerman and her clients Elizabeth Briggs, Krista Van Dolzer, and Susan Adrian, who each signed with her within a short little span of each other. The interview is in four parts across all their blogs, so click on their names in order to go to each part.