An Open Letter to Pinterest

This is going to be the teensiest bit of a rant. Completely non-writing related. (Although I did work hard, dang hard, to write a strong female protagonist for my novel. And I wrote her that way to encourage female readers that it is a good thing to be strong and smart and funny and geeky.)

I'm new to Pinterest, and the vast majority of the content is funny and cool and inspiring and swoonworthy. But, come on, ladies, STOP pinning pictures of yourself in little lace panties to show off your rock-hard abs. There are only two reasons you would do such a thing. 1.) To make other women jealous. Or 2.) To make men you'll never meet drool. 

Please. Stop. Because 1.) Don't be that woman. And 2.) Don't be that woman either. Most of those men are husbands or boyfriends already.

Okay. Rant over. Carry on, my lovely readers. (And might I add, I know none of you are these pinners.)


  1. You can be darn sure none of them are me, as much as I wish I was even the slightest bit capable of doing such a thing. I totally get what you're saying. Enough with the vanity pics!!

  2. I had no idea this was happening. I went on Pinterest a few times and felt like I needed an Ativan and a Chamomile tea. It is like asking someone a question and getting an email response that is three pages long in capitalized green swirly font.