Check it out! I did an interview with my critique partner Elizabeth Briggs over at her blog Liz Writes. She. Is. Crazypantsawesomesauce.

And now I need to go get the Pea ready for a Chick-fil-A playdate with his sweet little spitfire friend K. She's pretty much his favorite person in the entire world. When we say bedtime prayers, he always thanks God for K first thing. They've been in the same Kids Day Out class for two years straight, and last Monday was his last day of school. On the drive home, I said, "We should do a playdate with K soon." The Pea's response, "Why don't you call her mommy right now?" And then this morning, I asked him what he wanted to wear, and he said, "My Lego shoes. I think K will like them.

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