Get Ready for Shenanigans

I'm staying with my parents for a few days in an attempt to knock out a big chunk of my revisions. There's something about not having to cook or clean or put on actual clothes that really brings out my creativity. That and the fact that my parents' evening activities consist of reading or reading.

Leading to today's fun conversation with my dad--
Me (spotting a library book on his table): Oh. I didn't know Carl Hiaasen wrote books for adults.
My dad: *facetable* I didn't realize he wrote books for children.
Me: You do realize I'm going to convert you to the right side yet.


  1. Oh...I love staying with parents. There is NOTHING like smelling food cooking in the house and knowing that 1. You're not cooking it and 2. You're going to get to eat it. Bliss. Good luck with revisions!

  2. That sounds delightful...and makes me want to fly home to Michigan and stay with my folks :) Happy revising!

  3. I was really productive on revisions when I stayed with my parents, too! And they don't even cook or read. =)