Tidbits and Nonesuch

Last weekend I attended the wonderful SCBWI National Conference in NY. Yes, apparently, New York and I are on such beffie terms now that I refer to it as "NY." Doesn't even get a C. 

But I diverge. 

Others have posted lovely recaps. The SCBWI Conference blog is a gold mine, I tell you. Gold mine. Here are a few little tidbits I picked up over the weekend. (And I'm so lazy, I actually yanked these from an e-mail I sent my friend Liz this week when she asked if I'd heard any interesting industry things.): 

-The buzzword right now is Discoverability. Whatever the heck that means. Go google it. Oh, wait. That's kind of Discoverability. Also, Transmedia.
-E-books are gaining popularity with boys because they can read YA books and not worry about toting around a cover with a ballgown-clad girl on the front
-There's some trilogy fatigue. Some publishers are leaning more toward 2 book series (mostly because it's hard to predict 3 months into the future much less 3 years at this point).
-One agent (Regina Brooks) said that MG is going to be the new YA, but the other agents thought YA was going nowhere but up. So take that to mean whatever you want it to mean. (And Regina might be a good agent to query, my MG-writing friends.)
-Apparently, Amazon is the devil.
-Or Amazon is going to save the book industry. One or the other.
-No, really, they think it's the devil.

And now for you Wes Anderson fans out there...

Wes Anderson // FROM ABOVE from kogonada on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the input! That's fun that you were able to go! I'm kind of glad to hear about the trilogy fatigue. I'm feeling the same way. :)