NaNo Day...hahahaha

29? I don't know. Whatever. Didn't happen this year. As of this moment, I have 10K. I did get some plot points hammered out. And I feel like I finally have a grasp on who my character is.

I also squeezed some great books in this month. The Scorpio Races, Enclave, and I've started Untraceable by S.R. Johannes (Shelli). (How gorgeous is that cover?) Very fun read so far.
Good gravy, was Halloween really a month ago?

NaNo Day 22

At this point, I am participating in NaNoWriMo in only the loosest sense of both the words "participating" and "Wri." But I am uber-blessed with critique partners who will continue to badger me until I complete the draft. To be honest, if at this point I wrote even 20,000 words this month, I will consider myself a winner. (And what is with those people who write 190,000 words because "50K isn't a challenge?" That is wrong. Wrong, I tell you.)

And if you haven't read Authoress's lovely post today about not giving up, you should go do so now.

NaNo Day 18

Well, my word count is not what it should be...oh, who am I kidding? It. Is. Pathetic. I'm seriously considering offing all the characters and writing about radioactive sea slugs instead because I think the slugs might be more int--


My sister Ellen did a super fun interview with Secret Agent Josephine (a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay) for the release of her new line of adorably illustrated books. If you've ever wanted to peek into an illustrator's brain, go read it. Go now. And then buy her super cute books.

I would go back to the NaNo update, but I think we all know where that was headed. And it wasn't anywhere good.

NaNo Day 13

This isn't easier. The first NaNo was my first finished novel. And to be fair, it wasn't all that hard to write. I didn't outline. It was terrible. I knew I was going to trash it. About halfway through, I had the epiphany that I really was a YA writer. My passion lives there. "Driver, can you take me to 3129 YA Lane?" Oh, dear. I'm screen drunk at this point. It was a good experience though. 

Then I wrote my book baby, the one I poured blood, sweat, tears, and more sweat into. The one that I thought I was learning the lessons that would make my next novel easier to write.

It's not. If anything, it's harder. Because now I know about the blood, sweat, tears. I know how long it takes to scrub and polish.

Also. I've given up chocolate. This may have something to do with it. Last NaNo I had chocolate. So much chocolate. 

For those who like to gawk at my misery, here's my current standing:

8170 / 50000 words. 16% done!

NaNo Day 12

Thankful I'm actually getting some words in today. I set a goal of 2500, but I wouldn't be shocked if I get in even more.

Also. Thankful that I have an uber-cool little sister that sends me Mental Floss articles for inspiration.

NaNo Day 11 (Happy 11/11/11!)

11! 11! 11! I love it.

Wow. At this point, I have to write 2,291 words per day to finish on time. And at my current pace, I'll finish this bad boy emphasis on bad at some point in late 2015. Okay, kidding on that last part. But the Groundhog would see the light of day before this draft. The thing is, I'm not sweating it. I know how I write, and when I get on a roll, the words will flow. It's frustrating because the story (as it is in my head) has the potential to be better than anything I've written so far. It's a unique premise and, I think, compelling.

I just need to write it.

I'd make excuses about the unexpected goods and bads that have come up so far this month, but they're just that. Excuses. Still, looking back in a year, I'm not going to regret the great Akins Alcatraz Film Fest of 2011. I won't regret squeezing a bunch of people into my parents' house for my nephew's first Thanksgiving. I won't regret letting the Pea write all over my NaNo notebook and watching in amazement as he wrote out not one but two letters and drew his first smiley face. Also a lot of "worms" which are just lines. But don't tell  him. And I won't regret taking time out of NaNo to do other writerly things that are a bit more pressing.

But I do need to buckle down and write.

NaNo Day (I Accidentally Skipped a Day Yesterday) 9

I am sad to report that I don't have many new words. BUT I did discover this diversion excellent video by Martha Alderson (a.k.a. The Plot Whisperer), the first of a series.

I realized my biggest problem. My main character. I didn't have her motivation figured out, what's really driving her. I now think I have it figured out, at least for the beginning of the story.

Now to actually write it.

NaNo Day...what is this?...7

Not much to report. 

I was traveling this weekend. The result? About 300 new words (For you non-writers out there, this is...not good.). At one point, I just started doodling laser chihuahuas in my notebook. Think laser cats, only with chihuahuas

Also. I started reading Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone on the trip. Note to self: when drafting, do not read anything by Laini Taylor. You will simply want to lock yourself in the bathroom, eat a panful of Rice Krispy Treats, and give up on the notion of ever writing anything but dregs. But you'll enjoy yourself while doing it. That girl can write. But I also read this. It cheered me. A bit.

So. Off to play a little catch-up.

NaNo Day 3

It's not pretty.

I know ugly first drafts, and this, my friends, is hideous. My heroine is so flat.

I realized what keeps me going as I write--making myself laugh. Or cry. Or scream in frustration.

Not feeling it yet.

NaNo Day 1

2034 / 50000 words. 4% done! 

4%, all crap. 
Tomorrow is another day.
Probably of more crap.

Drafting and my perfectionism don't mesh well if you can't tell.