On Sock Drawers & Revision

Hubbykins has lost sock drawer privileges. Most of his socks are more hole than fabric. And he keeps. wearing. them. I think that it's one of those things that crept up on him, a little hole, and he ignored it. Then another hole. A bigger hole. Two holes in one sock (not including the one that's supposed to be there, so I guess that would be three holes). Maybe he can match the good ones of two socks. But then another good one sprouted a hole...ehh, it's not that bad. I'll match them up tomorrow.

So I stepped in. I went to the store, bought him an 8 pack of socks, and ferreted out every holey white sock in that drawer. I am a sock ninja.

And in six months, I will do it again.

I have two holey sock manuscripts right now. There's a lot of good in them. Most of the feedback I get is, "love the voice, good hook, fun concept." But there's something wrong. And I don't have the ability to ferret out what it is. I'm standing above the sock drawer, looking down, and going, "I just...I don't...???" Thankfully, I have sock ninjas at the ready. Both manuscripts are th-i-i-i-s close. Which is a little frustrating because they're both still th-i-i-i-s far away.

Summer goal (that's right, my bloglings, I'm putting it out there on the internets): Get both those manuscripts out to critters by the end of summer.

ETA: Just realized this is the second post in less than a year I've written about socks & revision. This is my life.