NaNo Day 22

At this point, I am participating in NaNoWriMo in only the loosest sense of both the words "participating" and "Wri." But I am uber-blessed with critique partners who will continue to badger me until I complete the draft. To be honest, if at this point I wrote even 20,000 words this month, I will consider myself a winner. (And what is with those people who write 190,000 words because "50K isn't a challenge?" That is wrong. Wrong, I tell you.)

And if you haven't read Authoress's lovely post today about not giving up, you should go do so now.


  1. Good for you for setting your own goals. The point of NaNoWriMo is to give yourself permission to write, to enjoy doing what you love.

    Whether that's with 100 words or 190,000 (whoa!) as long as you enjoy it, that's what counts.

  2. Keep going. I couldn't do 50k in a month to save my life! 20K would be awesome. Be proud of yourself for whatever you can accomplish.

  3. Keep going. Off to read Authoress.