NaNo Day 11 (Happy 11/11/11!)

11! 11! 11! I love it.

Wow. At this point, I have to write 2,291 words per day to finish on time. And at my current pace, I'll finish this bad boy emphasis on bad at some point in late 2015. Okay, kidding on that last part. But the Groundhog would see the light of day before this draft. The thing is, I'm not sweating it. I know how I write, and when I get on a roll, the words will flow. It's frustrating because the story (as it is in my head) has the potential to be better than anything I've written so far. It's a unique premise and, I think, compelling.

I just need to write it.

I'd make excuses about the unexpected goods and bads that have come up so far this month, but they're just that. Excuses. Still, looking back in a year, I'm not going to regret the great Akins Alcatraz Film Fest of 2011. I won't regret squeezing a bunch of people into my parents' house for my nephew's first Thanksgiving. I won't regret letting the Pea write all over my NaNo notebook and watching in amazement as he wrote out not one but two letters and drew his first smiley face. Also a lot of "worms" which are just lines. But don't tell  him. And I won't regret taking time out of NaNo to do other writerly things that are a bit more pressing.

But I do need to buckle down and write.

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