What's In a Name?

Well, in my case, there is not a T

Let me start off by saying, if you have at some point referred to me as Karen Atkins, please don't be embarrassed or feel like you need to apologize. Everyone does. Everyone. I'm pretty sure I referred to Hubbykins as Boyfriendykins Atkins at some point when we first started dating. My mother-in-law warned me before we got married that I would spend the next umpteen years of my life spelling my last name. Karen Akins. A-K-I-N-S. Every single time I meet someone. Or give someone my name on the phone. And almost every single time, that person will repeat it right back to me. Atkins.
Wait? What? No.

If I didn't have aspirations to be published, it wouldn't be an issue. Growing up, I learned to respond to my older sister's name. (To the point that if someone yells, "Ellen!" in a crowd, I, to this day, turn around and say, "Yes?") But do you know who insists on my name being spelled correctly? Google. Amazon. Library catalogs. Dang you, you picky library catalogs!

Options? Pen name. Nah. I understand why some authors take one, but it seems like it would add a layer of complexity that I don't need. Toss my maiden name back in there somewhere? (This was actually suggested by my MIL who felt it would sound more literary.) But that also seems to add a level of confusion in searches.
And, yes, the cart is like, "Hey, horse, what are you doing back there?" on this issue. But these are things I think about.

Meanwhile, guess which Mama Pea had to almost forcibly shove her child into a lion costume (now dubbed Aslan) this morning for preschool? Hmm. Yeah.


  1. I've had to spell my name--first and last--my whole life, so I feel your pain. At least your last name isn't mildly vulgar when mispronounced. ;) We've had a few laughs over it, especially when someone mispronounces it at church. :)

    Have fun trick-or-treating!

  2. Lol about the horse and cart. Yeah, I've thought about pen names too, just because my first name is so uncommon, but decided against it. Just going to stick with it and see what happens!