Kenny Rogers Week, part 3--Talladega Nights Meets What?

Hubbykins tried to make me watch this with him out of nostalgia. But I made him promise if I could guess the plot just based on the song, he wouldn't make me watch it. I'll just give you a replay of the conversation:

Me: So basically, I'm guessing it's about a washed up race car driver who...

Hubbykins: Hmmph.

Me: Somehow inherits six children (one of whom is incidentally Diane Lane). And...a lady love.

H: Erin Gray (who is incidentally also the lady love on the other oft Hubbykins-inflicted show, Buck Rogers).

Me: Erin Gray (Also. Silver Spoons). And he gets overwhelmed by the responsibility and runs away, but then he realizes he really needs them and goes back to them.

H: Hmmph.

Me: Did I get it right?

H: (silence)
Me: Did I?

H: You forgot the part where the kids become his pit crew.

Basically, it's Talladega Nights meets The Boxcar Children.

Hmmm. You see what I did there? I summed up an entire movie plot in one sentence. Is it a perfect description? Heck to the no. Do you have a good idea what it's about? Yep. Does it kind of make you want to go out and watch one of the cheesiest movies of all time? I should think so. I kind of want to watch it now.

And that's called a logline, my friends.

Now, if I could only figure it out for my own story.


  1. Now, if I could only figure it out for my own story. Exactly. Why is that so hard? Not that I'm good at coming up with loglines for stories that aren't mine, but still. ;) Great post!