Kenny Rogers Week, part 2 - And We Rely On Each Other

Unh Huh

So I mentioned yesterday that I was introduced to the vocal stylin's of Kenny Rogers by my in-laws on a recent road trip. I must preface this story with (a) Hubbykins was not with us Thank the Lord and (b), prior to this trip, the only words I knew from "Islands In The Stream" were "Islands in the stream...that is what we are...something something something...something something something." Which (quick fun factoid) was written by the Bee Gees.

Sailing down the highway toward the beach, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law treated me to a duet. My MIL sang Dolly's part. SIL sang Kenny. Despite the fact that they are both excellent singers, I was completely traumatized by the time they got to the chorus. There's nothing like hearing your sister-in-law singing, "Making love with each other, unh huh." To your mother-in-law. Now you understand why I was glad Hubbykins wasn't there.

My point in all this is thus. This business is rough. And lonely. Solos suck. We need people. People we can rely on. People we can whine to. People we can trust to be tough on our words and tender on our hearts.

My critique partners have become some of my dearest friends. Even after they've shredded my story and poked hole after hole in it. No, especially then.

Yay for islands!

Tomorrow: Loglines--Talladega Nights Meets What?


  1. I completely agree. Writerly friends and crit partners are so important. I couldn't do this writing thing without them. How are your revisions coming, btw? :)