Key Lime Pie and Other Joys of Staying with my Parents

It is possible probable that I have consumed my own body weight in key lime pie over the last few days. My A/C has been on the fritz in, oh, the worst heat wave in our area's history, so I fled to my parents' house. Note to self: before fleeing to parents' house, check their weather forecast as well. It was 114 degrees the day I got here. The key lime pie has nothing to do with the heat. I just love key lime pie, and my mom spoils me rotten.

As to the other joys, I've gotten more writing done in the last 3 days than I've accomplished in the last 3 months at home. The whole no cooking/cleaning/Pea-bathing/worrying thing helps. That and the fact that my mom and dad spend the majority of their time either reading or reading.

Also. I'm reading Bossypants by Tina Fey right now and almost wet the bed laughing. Major frowny-face missing Hubbykins, but he's devoured the first season of Mad Men on Netflix while I've been gone, so I haven't received any singing telegrams demanding my return yet.


  1. Whew! I can't imagine 114 degrees, Karen! I can imagine eating cool key lime pie to excess. So happy to hear that you are writing! Write on! And then after that, write some more!

  2. Key lime pie, Bossypants, and Mad I am swamped in all sorts of cravings :) Congrats on the writing!