Further Proof I Am A Word Nerd

It's  not a secret amongst my friend that I hate shopping. That whirl of excitement that some women get when they buy a new pair of shoes? I get that at the library when I find a freshly returned new release.

But I love Rhea Lana. It's a consignment sale in my area (actually, in a bunch of areas, but the one in my area is the best. **waves, Hi Ashley!**) Again, most women stampede to the clothes or the shoes or the ______(insert expensive name brand that you can get at a fraction of the cost) section. I run to the books. There are some gems in there. (If you're local, the sale is going on all week at the Frisco Station Mall. They had 97,000 items to be sold!)

And, of course, I also love the Halloween costumes. Although, I find myself wishing that kids demanded literary hero outfits the way they demand Spider-man. I had an idea this year to dress the Pea as Lowly Worm from Richard Scarry's Busytown. But my idea involved a body stocking, and I can't do that to a 3 year-old. Ahh, if only he were still tiny. And less opinionated. He is going to be a lion. A cookie to anyone who tells me their favorite literary lion.


  1. Aslan? Or anyone from Between the Lions?

  2. Oh, I just posted about being a word nerd too! (And I HATE HATE HATE shopping! :)

  3. Ooh! Aslan. I think we have a winner.