Dear Future Self Blogfest

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Dear Future Karen,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I have no idea if/when/where/how you'll be published. And y'know what? It doesn't really matter. Here's what's important:
You love others.
You are loved.
You are blessed.
You seek to be a blessing to others.
All the rest will fall into place. Or maybe not. Either way...You. Are. Fine.

Present Karen

P.S. Eat your broccoli.

There Are No Words.

I'm crying while I type this. I live about 45 minutes south of Joplin, Missouri. The NICU babies from St. John's Hospital, which was destroyed by the tornado, have gone to the hospital where the Pea was born. I have friends in Joplin. One of my friends lost her house and most of her possessions. But she's alive and her family is alive, and she's counting herself as very blessed right now.

Please help. Please pray.
You can donate $10 to the Joplin Relief Fund by texting "Joplin" to 864833. Or, of course, donate to the Red Cross.

Blergity Blerg Blerg.

So turns out the Pea has yet another persistent ear infection. This is after the tubes, mind you. And a little pink eye on top of it. Big old blerg.

But! Head on over to my friend Kristin Gray's blog for a fantabulous author interview with M.P. Kozlowsky, author of Juniper Berry and a chance to win a signed copy!

Yay! We Have a Winner!

The winner of my Delirium giveaway is...
...who, FYI, is hosting a really cool blogfest later in May. Check it out.

(((bells, whistles, ticker tape, confetti, silly string, ummm...more confetti)))


And on another awesomesauce note, my sister Ellen who needs to update her blog is selling these ah-dorable hair bows on Etsy to raise funds for their adoption. And not to be all selfish about it, but I am pretty much counting down the milliseconds until I have a new niece or nephew to snuggle and snoogle. So if you're in the market for some serious cuteness for your daughter or niece or friend or random child, please check out her store.

This is one of my favorites:
Oh, and this one:

It's Been One of Those...

Days Weeks Months

The Pea is sick. Again.

This time, it seems to have taken the form of intermittent fever, whining, and general malaise. I've spent most of the last 48 hours laying (lying? Too lazy to go check Grammar Girl) on the couch with him watching Shaun the Sheep. Which isn't so bad. But it's also not the best way to get anything productive done. I just feel so bad for him. When his fever went up a little this morning, he kept saying, "I hurt, Mommy. I hurt." I hurt for you, sweet Pea.

So I've decided to extend the Delirium giveaway contest until Sunday night at 11:59 Central Standard Time.

Adventures in Swimsuit Shopping

I just...

I don't even...

Actually, let's just skip this and talk about something happy, okay?

Should Prince Harry Date Pippa Middleton?
Umm...yesh, please. And, yes, I realize he is on-again with Chelsy Davy, and she is practically engaged to some London banker. But look at them. Look at them. Another royal wedding. Little double royal cousins. Win.

Also, if you haven't already, go enter my Delirium giveaway. I didn't put an end date (because that's how I roll), but I'm thinking Fridayish.

I Don't Really Have the Words

I saw a tweet pop up in my feed last night: "Obama to make announcement shortly."

Then another.

Then another. And another. And another.

Then one that said, "We got Osama bin Laden." Not the arrival of aliens as conjectured by my friend Kristin.

But my favorite comment of the night came from Myra McEntire: "Solemn prayers for restoration, reconciliation, and peace ..."

Amen, and Amen, and Amen.