Twitter Pitch...last time I mean it!

Anybody want a peanut?

Here's what I went with: To win $ for her cupcake biz, shy Miri enlists a feisty friend to present Miri's wares at a bake-off. Perfect ‘til her alter ego runs amuck.

Oh, and head over to Shelley Watters' blog and check out all the awesome pitches.

I'll probably be out for most of the week. My little sister is here for a much-anticipated visit. Yee!


  1. Have a fun visit w/ sis! and, love this pitch. I can see the problem Miri has already in this over zealous friend - ha!

  2. I'm terrible with pitches, but yours sounds like fun.

  3. Have fun with your sis! I love reading about shy Miri!