I Have a Fever...

...And the only prescription is more tiaras!
Oh, and the hats. The hats, the hats, the hats!

I kind of want this one:

Hip...hip...HUZZAH for DVR!!!

Don't forget to go enter my giveaway for Delirium! Once Royal Fever passes, it's always good to have a back up affliction.


  1. I'll be watching (DVR) with my 3 daughters ;) Can't wait.

  2. How funny that you posted this because i'm literally constructing my hat for tomorrow as we speak. it's more of a feathery clip and i'm adding some things to it. my mom and some of her gal pals are all getting together to watch it (with tea and scones and cucumber sandwiches) and we're dressing up for funsies. :)

  3. Fabulous hats, dahling! I wonder what Dr. Suess would say?