Double Bleh.

Or it might be triple. Because I think that cleaning up someone else's bile (even if it is your own child's) should count for at least one extra Bleh.

So the malingering illness of ick finally (finally!) seems to have worked its way out of my body. By yesterday afternoon (for those keeping count, i.e. me and Hubbykins, that was a full week), my fever was down to a respectable 99.2. I thought I was finally in the clear as neither Hubbykins nor the Pea had caught it. Huzzah!


The Pea wanted to cuddle all morning yesterday, very unusual for my drive-by snuggler. And then he kept demanding Mommy Hugs. "No! Stand-up Mommy Hugs!" While I was happy to oblige, I realized he felt warm. Then after his nap, he felt downright hot. Then his lunch decided it had resided in his tummy long enough. Ahh, poop-on-a-stick.

All this to say...either tomorrow or Monday. There shall be a giveaway. And it will be appropriate.


  1. Wow. I hope your little one gets better much quicker than you do. I hate when my kids are sick. It's way worse than when I am.

  2. OOOO I love giveaways!

    Hope the Pea feels better soon!

  3. oh, poor little Pea!
    This was a fantastic book. Great giveaway.