Bleh to Infinity. Plus a Giveaway

Ever feel like life is smacking your heiny?

A massive storm front has parked itself over our area of the country, and water seems to be entering my house in not one but two spots. The back door is leaking (no idea why, but our hardwood floors aren't as fond of water as one might think) and a piece of siding on the roof overhang blew loose in one of the nastier bouts of wind. (Update: siding guys came and fixed it in five minutes. Said it should dry out fine. Huzzah!)

But then I realized I need to get all Bing Crosby on this situation and count my blessings. I am blessed. I have a roof (albeit a possibly leaky one) over my head. I have a floor (albeit a possibly buckled one) under my feet.

I am blessed.

And do you know what I like to do with blessings? Pass them on. So I'm giving away a copy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Loved this book. It was such a simple premise: What would you do if society classified love as a disease...and you realized you'd caught it? I can't wait for the sequel.

Rules for the Giveaway:
1. Be a follower.
2. Tell someone about it. You can blog it, twitter it, Facebook it, tell a friend, release a homing pigeon. I don't care.


  1. Wow. Sorry about the leaking! We're having a serious drought here--everything's dying and all the bodies of water are drying out. There have been a few local fires too. The weather needs to figure itself out!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. That sounds like an interesting weekend, even if it wasn't necessarily fun. Glad you are counting blessings.

  3. I'm having the same feelings right now...except I'm not finding a bright side. I'm putting the frustration in my character! haha!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Woe to the leaks! I had that problem last year and it wasn't pretty! I haven't actually spread the word YET, but I'm on my way to do that now.

  5. Sorry about the leaking. That sucks! Great perspective, though. :)

    Awesome giveaway! This one's been on my TBR list for a while.

  6. Glad your siding made it through alright.