You In?

So...after reading this brave and heart-grabbing post by Carrie Harris, I have an idea for a blogfest brewing in the ol' noggin. To test the waters, how many of you would be interested in posting pictures of yourselves from high school and writing a story/scene/vignette from a high school experience you had in the name of humiliating yourself encouraging teens that yes, indeed, there is life after high school and it can be good?

**crickets chirping**

Come on! You know you want to humiliate yourself encourage with me!


  1. Honestly, that is a tough call. 1. I don't have many pictures except maybe my senior picture. 2. I have a strict no pictures of myself policy on my blogs. 3. and I don't write about myself.

    But that is a very good reason to post because I was a shy overweight kid in high school. so... I might be willing to make that exception.

  2. If you do this, let me know! I'll link to it!

    And thanks for calling me brave. Hitting POST this morning was scary, but I'm glad that I did it.

  3. I have in mind a painful story and one much less so. Depending on how wimpy I feel, I should have at least one story to share.

  4. Yay!!! I'll put the official linky post up Monday and see if I can bribe Ellen to design a button for it. She had plenty of high school angst.