Snow Day. Again.

So this happened.

And for the record, I realize that some of my readers may be from places that are accustomed to receiving 22 inches of snow in 12 hours. We in the Mid-South are not. I'm just thankful I have a can of sweetened condensed milk on hand to make Paula Deen's snow ice cream. Needless to say, I spent the entire day glued to both my T.V. and the window. This being the third major snow storm in 8 days, I've gotten out of the house only once, and yes, I am experiencing a little lot bit of cabin fever.

Along with the snow came a massive Arctic front that has pummeled my already precarious sinus passages with pressure. Last night at 4 a.m., after less than two hours sleep, I gave in and took some Sudafed and Excedrin. Some of you may be able to ingest that much stimulant without it affecting you. Again, I am not one of those people.

If I ever have to take that combo of medicine during the day, it usually sets off a frenzy of productivity.

Clean All The Things!
If you've never been to Hyperbole and a Half, you must go now (well, after you finish reading this post). Two caveats: I cannot be held responsible for any salty language she uses. Also, I cannot be held responsible for any pee-pee stains that result from laughing so hard you wet yourself.

As it was the middle of the night, though, and I didn't want to wake Hubbykins or the Pea Yes, that's the reason I didn't clean, I stared obsessively at the back of my cold pack in between peeing every twenty minutes, thoughts running rampant through my medicine-infused noggin.

Write All The Blog Posts!

Sadly, the Pea did not receive the memo that Mommy slept all of two hours. He woke up his normal, cheerful self bright and early.


But. I jotted the ideas for posts down. Now, I just need to write them.


  1. Sounds like rough times in your neighborhood! Good luck with the writing/blogging/cleaning/sinuses.

    And I LOVE Hyperbole and a Half. :)

  2. Ha, this is hilarious! No matter how amped I am...lots of cleaning never seems to get done. I can always think of something better! Shame on me.

    I am sooooooo with you on being over the snow. Put a fork in me, I'm DONE!!!!!!!

  3. Love Hyperbole and a half. So fun. Sorry about all the crazy-making in your neck of the woods. Even for those of us who are used to a lot of snow, it isn't fun. Good luck!

  4. Wow, that's some medicine.

    22 inches is a lot of snow. I grew up in the land of snow. If I were at a higher elevation here, it'd be normal, too.

  5. Hope you sleep better tonight!

    22 inches? That's crazy. I thought we'd get more of that in Idaho, but so far it's been pretty mild. Knock on wood. ;)

    Love, love, love Hyperbole and a Half!

  6. Hilarious post ... hope you get some rest soon!

  7. The plan is in bed by 10 tonight. We'll see if it happens. My best shot is Hubbykins refusing to allow me to watch Parks & Recreation until I get ready for bed. :)

    Plus, my awesomesauce neighbor is bringing us dinner tonight as a thank you to Hubbykins for shoveling her driveway and porch. So no dishes...woo hoo!!

  8. Paula Dean has a recipe for snow ice cream? I must go find this now. I hope you climb out of the snowdom soon.

  9. Oh my goodness...the snow ice cream is soooo good. It tastes like regular homemade ice cream. I doubled the amount of snow, and it was perfect. :)