Now More Than Ever

Last night, as I was getting dinner ready and Hubbykins was putting the Pea to bed, I ran to my computer to check the latest update on sweet Kate McRae, and this was the heart-shattering update.
I promptly let dinner burn in the oven and, with tears in my eyes, hijacked the Pea's bedtime prayers for Kate and her family. In that moment, I needed to hold the Pea and tell him how much I loved him. To snuggle my Little Pea and tell him stories about what Mama Pea was like when she was a Little Pea. To tell him how waited for and prayed for he was, how much I delighted in him. I needed to allow my heart to break for Kate's mama.

But I also wanted to share with you a bit of hope and encouragement. I know that published writers (as well as soon-to-be published writers and want-to-be published writers) read my blog. As a way to help pay for Kate's care and to celebrate her life, her family and friends held a fundraiser to participate in a Karen Kingsbury Forever in Fiction auction. One of the character's in Kingsbury's book Unlocked is named after Kate.

"Forever in Fiction" is trademarked by Karen Kingsbury (at first I thought it was an actual organization, but it's not), but what an incredible way to use your writing to build others up, to encourage, to benefit. Obviously, there are so many ways one could go about this. Rather than an auction, naming a character then designating proceeds of signed copies to their care fund. Simply choosing a recipient and giving the gift outright to celebrate them.

Just random thoughts that have been swirling through my head. Sometimes, I think that I spend more time thinking about how I could use a published book as a tool than I do about the actual publication of it.


  1. This just absolutely breaks my heart. That face is the most precious thing, I'm thinking of this family!

  2. That photo is priceless. Now I need to give my kids big hugs when I pick them up from school. Every little life is so precious.