Actual Conversation With The Pea

Yesterday morning, Hubbykins took the Pea to get a haircut and run some errands. When they arrived home, the Pea ran up to me, gave me a hug and said...

Pea: Daddy got cigarettes.

(Now I feel at this point, I should insert the fact that Hubbykins is not a smoker, has never been a smoker, and to my knowledge, has no desire to ever smoke.)

Me (looks at Hubbykins): Did he just say...?

Hubbykins (glances furtively back toward the garage): No.

Pea: Daddy went to store and got cigarettes.

Me: What??

Hubbykins: He's not saying what you think he's saying.

Me: It really sounds like he's saying...

Hubbykins: He's saying "secrets."

Me: Oh. Wait...what?

Hubbykins: We got you a surprise.

Me (remembers it's Valentine's Day tomorrow): Ohhhh.

So, as much as I love surprises (and this morning, I was booted from the dining room while they further worked on the super-cigarette project)), I'm not exactly all yay about the fact that after Hubbykins gives me the gift tomorrow morning, the Pea is going to announce to his Kids' Day Out class that now "Mommy has cigarettes."


  1. cute story! Yes, my stepdaughter told me once they went to the licorish store. (liquor)

  2. I had to read this out loud to my family because it was so funny. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

  3. HILARIOUS...I love "cigarettes".