Things I Heart Right Now

Saw this on Design Dazzle, and all I can say is, "Want, want, want, want, want."

More "want, want, want" via Pretty Foods & Pretty Drinks:

Oh, and welcome back, Leslie Knope.
I have missed you.

And what was that you just said?  This is a blog about writing?  Well, how about winning a full substantive edit from Dear Editor?  Yeah, I know.  Me, too.


  1. Yummy! Why don't my cupcakes ever look like that!

    Love the bookcase even though you wouldn't be able to get many books in it. But some great books on bird watching would work well. ;)

  2. The bookcase is a beaut, and I love the cupcakes. I just can't help wondering if Beaker would scream "Mi mi mi mi!!" the minute you took a bite.

  3. I LOVE that shelf! That is so cool. I'm totally a sucker for functional pieces of furniture that are shaped like other things, especially organic things. I don't know if that even makes any sense. But it's Friday, so that's not a requirement, right? ;)

    Have a great weekend, Karen!

  4. Oh I want that book tree, too.

    I enjoyed Parks & Rec coming back, too.

  5. I miss the muppets....ah, the memories of rushing to the television at 7pm in my jammies with my hair wet from my bath to watch the weekly muppet show. good times....good times...

  6. Those cupcakes are insane!!! I've never watched Parks and I crazy??

  7. I have no words.
    Those cupcakes are amazing.

  8. That bookshelf is ADORABLE! We could totally make one of those Karen.

    I am saving the picture in my "DIY wish list" to tackle whenever we move to a different house(if we ever move).

  9. The tree! The tree! The tree! (So yeah, I'm excitable, but that's GORGEOUS!!)