Looking Back

Ever have a book that you remember with great fondness, but when you go back to re-read, it's lost its oomph?  Maybe it spoke to you at the time because you were going through a particular something. Maybe your taste in books has just changed.

But then, there's that book. The one you're afraid to read because it might have lost its magic, but you take the plunge. And it's only gotten better.
This is on my nightstand. Well, my nightstand, my dining room table, the edge of my couch but Hubbykins keeps putting it back on my nightstand every morning



  1. I read this about ten years ago and was amazed at the way Du Maurier makes the reader really care about Maxim. The man's a murderer!!

    The Hollywood switch from murder to an accident is unfortunate, I think.

  2. I am almost always disappointed when I go back and reread a favorite. That's why i hardly ever do it anymore.

  3. I've never read this or even heard of it!! Must check it out!