And The Winner Is...

So the Pea helped me pick out the winner of the Great Cheapskate Giveaway this morning.  I went super high tech (i.e. writing the entries on little slips of paper and shaking them up in a small cup).

At first, the Pea was happy to help:

But after choosing the winner, he decided he would rather hold the camera:

Which rapidly devolved into "I want to hold whatever you are holding" (in this case, the winner's number):

#12...Abby Annis!

Yay!  Congrats, Abby!  Hope this brightened your Monday morning.


  1. What a cute little guy! I do my contests that way too. Congrats to Abby. Lucky girl.

  2. I won? Yea! I'm so excited to read Matched! Thank you! This totally made my Monday! :)

    Your little guy is adorable! Thanks for the awesome contest, Karen. :)