Breaking Habits is...Hard

Hi, my name is Karen.  I' ellipsis addict.

I've decided that everywhere I spot them in my manuscript, I have to mentally insert a Barney Stinson screaming, "Wait for it!"  If it fits, great.  All others are getting the boot.

Oh, but I love very, very much.


Just when I'd given up all hope of snagging an Across the Universe ARC, P.J. Hoover got her Texan little hands on one and is giving it away.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

So here's what I want you to do:  Go to P.J. Hoover's blog and follow it if you don't already because she's pretty stinkin' awesome.  But don't actually enter the contest so I have better odds of winning.  Tee hee.

Lessons from Jeopardy

I'm something of a Jeopardy fan.  And by "something", I mean it's the only daytime television I let the Pea watch.  This last week was a Jeopardy fan's dream.  Roger Craig, a contestant in his 20's, beat the all-time record for highest daily winnings...and he's still going strong.  Last week, he made a true daily double.  So rare.  So exciting.  If you're a nerd like me.

I've noticed something about Jeopardy (and most game shows in general)...they know how to start with a bang.  No script, but they get the concept of "hook".  They understand that no one cares that Jane Poo-bah from St. Louis is an astrophysicist who enjoys parasailing and knitting.  In fact, they could probably change the intro to "Contestant 1 is a smart person from somewhere in America.  Contestant 2 is a smart person from somewhere else in America.  Contestant 3 is yet another smart person from yet another place in America...Let's play Jeopardy!" and Alex Trebek wouldn't be fielding any hate-mail for it.

AFTER the first round, once the viewer has decided to root for the guy who knows a ridiculous amount about Ignatius Loyola (you think I'm kidding but this was one of the categories today), they give us a tiny bit of backstory.  And at that point, yes, I do find it interesting that Roger Craig flunked the first Jeopardy tryouts because he was hungover (also true).  Now, get back to the story, errr, competition.

Speak Loudly

If you've been living in a hole the last 48 hours and haven't heard about it, my stomach has been turning because of the proposed banning of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak due to its "soft porn" rape scenes.  Ick.  On multiple levels. 

Beth Revis said everything I would have said...and better than I would have said it.  So please go here and read her thoughts.  And please go to Laurie Halse Anderson's site to learn how you can help.

Arrrr, Matey!!

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

What A Girl Wants. What A Girl Needs.

An awesome revision tiara, gifted to her from her even more awesome critique partner...wait for it...

On a faboo word nerd writer's retreat this weekend.  I'm in heaven.

Cloudy With a Miniscule Chance of Broccoli

The Pea no longer eats veggies.  Actually, there's a whole list of things the Pea no longer eats.  Pretty much everything that isn't yogurt, applesauce, or certain varieties of fruit.  And that's on a good day.

I've taken to sneaking small bites of pureed vegetables into his yogurt and applesauce.  For example, today for lunch he knowingly (and begrudgingly) consumed two peas.  Actually pretty good.  He unknowingly consumed a tablespoon of mixed garden veggies that I stirred into his mac and cheese (one other item that can be added to his acceptable-on-some-days list).  So that comes down to the equivalent of, what, one baby carrot?

But that is one baby carrot he hadn't consumed this morning.  So I'm celebrating that little victory.

That's where I am in my writing right now.  I have to celebrate the little victories as they come.  "I finished this scene!  I'm happy with it!"  I know it's temporary.  I know I'll get out of this funk and back into the swing of things soon enough.

Sometimes I just feel a little stupid cheering over a baby carrot.

Answer of the Day

Aha!  Stuffed up under the mattress at the foot of my bed.  I have no clue how he managed to wriggle up under the foot board, but then again his methods elude me often.  This will make for a much more pleasant bedtime than last night.

Question of the Day

If you were a two year-old child who enjoyed pretending his mother's **favorite** booklight was a phone and then hiding said booklight...where would you put it?

I'm That Girl.

Blogging-wise, I feel like a bad friend right now.  You know--the one you run into at the grocery store who says, "we should get together for lunch some time!  I'll call you."  And the next time you see her is when you run into her at the grocery store again three months later.

I'm her.

I've had good reason.  Life has been a roller coaster lately.  But it looks like I'll be able to stagger off it in the next few weeks and months.  So I'm not saying I'm going to turn into Miss Punctual Blogger 2010 anytime soon.  But I've made up my mind that I'm going to stop being that girl.

Revision news?  It's coming along.  Slowly, right now.  (Turns out writing on a roller coaster is hard.  It doesn't help that the Pea popped my space bar off the keyboard and it's all wonky now.)  But I am moving forward.  And I finally feel like I have most of my plot and character issues worked out.

Now, I just have to write it.