Fine...Do What You Want.

I'm neck-deep in revisions.  And not "add a comma here, cut a word there" revisions.  We're talking major surgery.  And I'm hopeful I will have a (much) stronger story for it.

One of the realizations I had the other day when I was this close to the brink of despair about the whole thing was that in writing a first draft, I constantly ask myself the question, "What needs to happen next?  What does MC need to do now?  How should I get them to the next scene?"  But now, the question has changed.  I find myself asking, "What would ____ actually do in this situation?"

So far, I've been happy with the answers to that question.  The answers have surprised me at times, made me laugh...or gasp, changed a big chunk of the plot.  One thing's for sure.  Revision isn't for the faint of heart.

Also also also Beth Revis is hosting a Mockingjay giveaway.  Le sigh.