Dang You, Eclipse.

Dang you, Bella Swan, and the sparkly vampire you rode in on.

Guilty pleasure admission:  I heart Edward Cullen.  (I feel that if Elana Johnson can admit it, so can I.)  Said brooding undead masochist is in fine form in Eclipse.  Both the novel and the movie.  I do not heart New Moon.  The only thing in fine form in that is Bella's whining and pining.

I rented Eclipse the other night and realized, "Dang it.  I want to buy it."  There's so much sparkling.  So much werewolf brawling.  So much intense gazing.

But here's the problem.  I have a titch of OCD, so the thought of owning just Eclipse does not sit well with me.  I would need to buy New Moon as well.  I don't want to buy New Moon.  Here's the other problem.  Hubbykins is slightly OCD also.  We have a PS3 that plays Blu-rays, so even though I can't see any difference whatsoever between DVD and Blu-ray, Hubbykins somehow can.  He insists on buying new releases on Blu-ray, so what are we up to now?  Eclipse and New Moon on Blu-ray...what is that, $60?


No, I'm going to fight it.

But, dang you, Edward Cullen!  And dang your adorable, lopsided, sparkly vampire grin.


  1. Too funny! Do you think all husbands collude over the DVD/Blu-Ray thing? Mine is exactly the same!!! I'm afraid I can't much tell the difference except one's cheaper. But when I try to tell him that...ouch! LOL


  2. Oh come on. You know you want to. Let go of your OCD a bit. I own all of the twilight books but New Moon. It's okay. :-)

  3. I liked New Moon, once you skipped over the majority of the book and got to the stuff about the Voltories (yep, I have no idea how to spell that!). I even watched it yesterday while ironing. Hey, what can I say? Staring at the half naked wolf pack while ironing made ironing more enjoyable. :D

  4. Haha!! On Saturday, I asked my hubby if I can have an early Christmas present...yep- Eclipse. As he was running out to buy if for me, he said "Should I get this on Blue-ray?" (we have a PS3 too). "No. Why?" I asked.
    "Can't you see the difference?"
    I'm so with you on that point. Men can see it, we can't. I've watched it 3 times since Saturday and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  5. Yeah, whenever I re-read New Moon, I stop when Edward leaves and re-start when he's committing suicide by sparkle.

    I'm happy to find out that I'm in good company. :)