Talking to Myself (alternate title: In Which Hubbykins Looks Over the Fact That He's Married to a Loon)

I've started my read-aloud edit on my manuscript.  I'd been putting if off and putting it off for some reason.  That reason being the fact that I hate my reading-aloud voice.  I'm actually surprised by  how much I'm enjoying it (and by how many little problems I find when I can hear my own words).  

Hubbykins is reading it (not aloud) for the first time right now as well.  He claims that he loves to hear me read it out loud, but put up a fuss the other day when he overheard a section he hadn't reached yet and accused me of "spoiling it."

Which makes me smile.


  1. I agree: Best Hubbykins Ever! Loved this post.

  2. This is great. My hubby read my first draft, but he has yet to read this rewrite. I know most people say, "don't do it!" but I might ask him to be one of my beta readers. He gives me honest feedback and actually is a great sounding board. I also read my MS out loud and sometimes I "act" it out (just to make sure that I wrote it correctly).

  3. Reading aloud is great for those little things!

    And that's a great comment from the hubby. Good man. :)

  4. How cute that he's so nice about reading your ms! :o) I hate my reading voice too so I hate read alouds as well. Plus I go hoarse quickly and don't last very long at it!

    Good luck, Karen!!