I bought some early season satsumas the other day.  They weren't great, but I couldn't hold out any longer.  The Pea promptly ate 97% of the bag.  I think I got one slice in there.

A few days after I'd given him the last one and thrown out the bag, I opened up the fridge to get him a snack, and he yelled, "Orange!"  I assured him that, no, we didn't have any more oranges, but he could have a pear or a plum.

"Orange!"  No, but you can have another fruit or some yogurt.

"Orange!"  No.

At this point, I figured he was just arguing with me for argument's sake, as two year-olds are prone to do.  I opened up the produce drawer to get him a pear.  Behold.  An orange.

It had rolled to the back.  

I couldn't see it.  I was looking from the wrong angle.

So I'm curious.  Who are your "orange" readers?

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  1. Where would you be without the Pea? Maybe I'll walk around on my knees so I can see what the Pea sees.