Not Too Late...

I am just now getting around to entering myself for several reasons, the chief of which would be two infected little middle ear canals.  The second reason?  It kind of took me awhile to think of a great adventure.  I'm not, by nature, an adventurous person.  I am a home body.  I'm also an extrovert, so these two paradoxical traits are somewhat at odds at times, but that is neither here nor there.  If and when I am published, I'm going to need to hold book signings on my front porch or something.

But whenever I do think about adventure in my life, I think about a season of it I had with Hubbykins, when we were Pea-less.  Hubbykins' job required quite a bit of travel, and as we were Pea-less and I was working, we had some expendable income.  I followed him all over the place.

West Coast.  (How did I not blog about our trip to California?  It was awesome.  We rented a convertible and drove all over San Francisco and Sonoma.)  East Coast. (Where I had the most terrifying adventures of my life in a NYC police station.  So please don't kill me for it not being my favorite place in the world.)  CanadaCaribbean(Okay, those last two were not for business, but we went, nonetheless.)  Hubbykins went to China(I didn't go with him but talked to him on Skype every day, so that should count for something.)  Everywhere.  (Oops.  Almost forgot my kick-butt weekend in D.C. with my friends Sarah and Shelli.  I don't have any pics on either blog, but it was awesome!  Also, also...Hubbykins and I went to Minnesota, Nashville, Florida, Texas, L.A., St. Louis, Chicago, Lawrence, KS...which is way cooler than you realize, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin.  And I'm sure I'm missing a few.)

And then that second line popped up.  And a whole new adventure began.  Yes, with recurrent double ear infections and scary bonked heads and trying to convince the Pea that "red" and "blue" are different colors while hiding my fear that he is color blind.  But also with snuggling and hearing "Mama" for the first time. And discovering a new-found inspiration to write.

ETA:  Oh, and I was once thrown out of a castle.


  1. wow, that's some great swooping adventures! Funny the different reactions to others postings about their own adventures. Some are across the globe, some are in their backyards. Love this contest.

    Sorry to hear about the ear infections. Ouch.

  2. Those are great adventures! I'm so glad I traveled when I first graduated from high school. Stuff like that doesn't come up as much now with four kids.