The Day So Far

Number of times I've had to explain to the Pea that "No, we do not eat cookies for breakfast":  7

Number of tiny little stickers plastered to his shirt that will eventually  clog up the washer:  6

Number of children running around in naught but a pajama shirt and diaper:  1

Percentage of Mommy's getting-ready routine accomplished:  4%

Number of words written and/or revised:  0

Hrmmm.  I sense a correlation.


  1. Sounds like a typical mommy morning. Hang in there! Hopefully you've found some writing time.

  2. Then there's the moment when you've caught up with work, your fingers are poised over your laptop keys, your mind is swirling with brilliant prose, and your hubby chooses that day to come home early! He never comes home early. BUT where would we be without those loves of our life? Nowhere, that's where!