Lessons from Jeopardy

I'm something of a Jeopardy fan.  And by "something", I mean it's the only daytime television I let the Pea watch.  This last week was a Jeopardy fan's dream.  Roger Craig, a contestant in his 20's, beat the all-time record for highest daily winnings...and he's still going strong.  Last week, he made a true daily double.  So rare.  So exciting.  If you're a nerd like me.

I've noticed something about Jeopardy (and most game shows in general)...they know how to start with a bang.  No script, but they get the concept of "hook".  They understand that no one cares that Jane Poo-bah from St. Louis is an astrophysicist who enjoys parasailing and knitting.  In fact, they could probably change the intro to "Contestant 1 is a smart person from somewhere in America.  Contestant 2 is a smart person from somewhere else in America.  Contestant 3 is yet another smart person from yet another place in America...Let's play Jeopardy!" and Alex Trebek wouldn't be fielding any hate-mail for it.

AFTER the first round, once the viewer has decided to root for the guy who knows a ridiculous amount about Ignatius Loyola (you think I'm kidding but this was one of the categories today), they give us a tiny bit of backstory.  And at that point, yes, I do find it interesting that Roger Craig flunked the first Jeopardy tryouts because he was hungover (also true).  Now, get back to the story, errr, competition.


  1. Karen...I'm not a huge Jeopardy fan, but I do enjoy several other game shows....

    I'm thinking...
    I could be wrong...
    Today is a special day...
    For you...

    Happy Birthday!
    (If I'm wrong...please hang on to this birthday wish until the correct day.)

  2. I love Jeopardy! Me and the hubs compete. I usually win.

  3. Oh, I love Jeopardy. And look at you, applying it to writing! I love that.