Cloudy With a Miniscule Chance of Broccoli

The Pea no longer eats veggies.  Actually, there's a whole list of things the Pea no longer eats.  Pretty much everything that isn't yogurt, applesauce, or certain varieties of fruit.  And that's on a good day.

I've taken to sneaking small bites of pureed vegetables into his yogurt and applesauce.  For example, today for lunch he knowingly (and begrudgingly) consumed two peas.  Actually pretty good.  He unknowingly consumed a tablespoon of mixed garden veggies that I stirred into his mac and cheese (one other item that can be added to his acceptable-on-some-days list).  So that comes down to the equivalent of, what, one baby carrot?

But that is one baby carrot he hadn't consumed this morning.  So I'm celebrating that little victory.

That's where I am in my writing right now.  I have to celebrate the little victories as they come.  "I finished this scene!  I'm happy with it!"  I know it's temporary.  I know I'll get out of this funk and back into the swing of things soon enough.

Sometimes I just feel a little stupid cheering over a baby carrot.

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